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Alright, well i've heard alot of promoters come up and say we're all about bringing the scene back to where it was back in the day, I haven't quite seen anybody do it, yet.
I'm not saying i'm gonna bring it back but i'm gonna try. My plan is to put on parties, good parties, with good feelings. Bring back the notion of plurr. The kind of parties where you met people, made friends and nothin but good things happen. I wanna bring it with an old school vibe with the new school sounds. We at good vibes are bringing you the goods, the goods you've been promised. I can't say how many times I've been to a party that was just dead, a bunch of people off in a corner and a guy at the door counting all the money. Raving has pretty much lost the vibe, at least in north east ohio. We're bringing back the vibe ohio, get ready for it.