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He spins anything hardcore! Happy Hardcore, freeform, nrg, hardcore, you can also hear him spinning some trance from time to time. Wicked scratching skills and nothin short on mixing. Keep yer eyes open.
DJ Leash
Happy 2 tha hard 2 tha mother fuckin core
Closet sessions: Vol. 11
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DJ B-Ko – Cleveland, OH

(Goodvibes entertainment)

DJ B-Ko uses some of the latest digital dj gear to deliver a very unique story
telling style of mixing. Spinning the latest hi-nrg and hardstyle trance from all around the world. His shows also display a unique style of scratching to add a unique touch to his live performance that is not often duplicated by other djs. Prepare to be taken to another world





DEZ DRASTIK - Cuyahoga Falls, OH

(Euphorix, fader freekz, GoodvibesEnt0


Trout Soup - Akron, OH

(, battered armadillo, GoodvibesEnt, PlurrPunx)


DJ What the bleep - Bowling Green, OH

[more info coming soon i promise]