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and now for news...

1/19/06 - Pictures are up!
              Also check the upcoming events section!
1/13/06 - Been a while with the news. But I'd like to thank
              everyone who came out to pass it on. It was a hella good
              time and I'm working on getting some pictures up. Also
              I've been working on confirming some dates so keep on
              the lookout.
              Sunday, May 7th 2006 - Glow V2.0
              details TBA
8/28/05 - NEW!, the goodvibes ent. newsletter. Published whenever
              anything new happens, hopefully about once every two
              weeks or so. Should include: party updates, web info, dj
              info, and any upcoming mix releases.
              to sign up send an email to:
              with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.
8/11/05 - Announcing:
              Pass it on!
              Sunday, Dec. 11th 2005
              @ the hifi
              details tba
              Also plans are in motion for a good one in november so keep
              a look out.
6/11/05 - Hey everybody, so party updates, nothing confirmed as of
              yet but its all in planning!
5/11/05 - Thanks for coming out to Glow!
              A success, everybody was rocking out. Pics coming soon!
2/20/05 - announcing Glow!
              goodvibes' first official party!
              make sure you come out early and start the party with us!